You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the level of domestic surveillance that the NSA has implemented in the most recent times. If it were not for Edward Snowdon, the Common Citizen would not have known how extensive it is and continues to be. The lip service that is afforded by the federal government is a travesty but, in its own way, shows us all where they stand. Action, as it is said, speaks so much louder than words…

So, it is up to you and me, the Common Citizen, to take action by removing the resources that the NSA relies on to conduct their business. In Utah, the NSA data center in Bluffdale relies on a sweetheart water deal given to them that cools the supercomputers that are used to accumulate and analyze every aspect of our Lives. It is this resource that we can control by contacting our State representatives and tell them that if the NSA insists on using our hard-earned tax money to spy on us, that we will remove the most vital resource that allows them to operate.

This doesn’t only apply in Utah. Whether it is the Data Analysis Center in Maryland or the NSA center in Tennessee, it is imperative that we take away the tools that they use against their own people.

Take the time to take action. Go to ffind what you can do to fight back against the unlawful mass surveillance of every Citizen in the US. To do nothing is to approve of this unconstitutional and illegal gateway to tyranny.