“Blowback”. This is a term used by the CIA to identify unintended consequences of a particular operation or action. Blowback is seen in many scenarios; the invention and implementation of Al-Qaeda, the support of dictatorial regimes, and, more recently, the support of Libyan “rebels” that have known ties to Al-Qaeda. How many other instances of this condition have to happen before we, the Common Citizen, put a stop to our Country’s support of acts that put us, as US Citizens, in harm’s way?

In a recent special edition of Fox 19’s (Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann, this subject is covered with a 20 minute special tying the US support of Al-Qaeda “rebels” in Libya to the Benghazi attack and how no-longer-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the White House insist on “taking responsibility” with no real culpability or accountability.

What I would suggest is that, as you watch this news story, consider how the US and NATO is doing this in Syria and has attempted to do in Iran. Consider, as well, the “blowback” that is now spilling into Algeria and Mali, as weapons supplied to Libyan “rebels” are now being used as “terrorist” tools in these countries. Also, consider that if it can happen in these countries, how many other “terrorist entities” have received weapons intended for “rebel” groups, regardless of their politics or extremist agendas.

See Ben Swann’s report here.