Fellow Citizens,

I think that it is important to know who is providing the information on these digital pages. My name is Don Smyrl and I live in a small northern Utah town that is away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities, but not far enough away from the increasing bureaucratic and economic ineptitude of our federal government. I am a supporter of third-party ideologies that are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I believe in sound money and equal rights, although I will admit that I do not strive to be politically-correct, as I base my decisions on logic and knowledge. I believe in community and knowing your neighbors. I believe in self-sufficiency and personal accountability but I also believe in helping others that need it.

I am not an economist, a doctor, a lawyer or a rocket scientist; I am a non-degreed electronics engineer of 35 years, working on my business management degree. With that being said, I comment regularly on economics, healthcare, laws and legislation, and technology with great understanding through self-learning. My “political personality” is derived from reading the actual documents, such as legislation, specifications, and news stories that cut a large swath across what affects each and every Citizen of this great Country. I do not know everything but I take great pride in knowing everything I can about a subject I’m talking about and I vet my sources religiously (I highly suggest that you do too; including if you get something from me — “The Truth Will Set You Free”).

The goal of this site is to consolidate information, educate those that choose to learn, and disseminate to all who will listen. It also has the comprehensive goal of creating action from those that benefit from the information. It is my opinion, as well as many other Liberty-minded Citizens across the world, that we are experiencing times that will define who we are now and what our Children will be subjected to in the future. I challenge all who peruse these pages to look inside yourselves, make that determination, and make that phone call, write that letter, or send that fax to those that aren’t acting in your best interest. No, this isn’t “fun”, but it can be very productive. There are other things in Life that would bring a smile to me and my family and friend’s faces or take up less of my time, but the time and effort is worth it to us, the adults in the room, to stand up for Liberty and Freedom and oppose tyranny and the usurpation of our Founding Father documents that made this Country the envy of the rest of Earth. It is up to everyone to  Think for Yourself and make conscious decisions based on real data and critical thinking. It is up to us to vote with our True Voice and elect fellow Citizens, regardless of party, ethnic, or political affiliation, that will act on our behalf, not on the behalf of their own corrupt agendas. If we don’t do it, who will?

As always, your comments are vital to my progression of the types of information and the communication paths associated with getting the message out. Please feel free to write to me (inliberty-at sign-libertyletter.org) about anything, including sending documents, news stories or other insights from your thought processes and experiences. As individuals, we have to embody integrity and fortitude but together we can make all the difference in the world.

Best in Life!