My Fellow Americans,

Welcome to The Liberty Letter. This website is a result of periodic blast e-mails that originated via the frustration associated with the witnessing of the deterioration of our Country and the patriotic requirement for the Common Citizen to take action.

The main goal of this website is to prompt that action by accumulating information, educating the Common Citizen and disseminating that thought process to whomever will listen. The Liberty Letter is being pushed out to other groups and, in turn, will display information from those groups, always with the accumulate, educate and disseminate processes in mind.

If you are reading this, YOU are part of the solution. YOU, as a Common Citizen of the Republic of the United States, are being called to action to preserve our Liberties and Freedoms guaranteed us via The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and your State and local jurisdiction governments. It is important to know that our federal gov’t has been incrementally overstepping its bounds and this website will help YOU understand how that is happening and what YOU can do about it.

I suggest that you take a moment and tour the site so that you know what is available. As I learn more about website management, more information will be available and any and all of it is available to YOU for referencing and further education and dissemination. There are NO copyrights on any of the information that I personally generate and there will be links to the original post if a news story or piece of legislation is posted so that you can trace it back to the same source that I vetted.

Speaking of vetting information, I request that any information sent to this site have been personally vetted by the person sending it to me. Yes, I will still satisfy my vetting requirements but it is important that we do not disseminate half-truths or complete fabrications. Integrity and accountability are two traits that this Country was built upon and I am a firm believer in them. If, for any reason, you believe that information disseminated by this site is in error, PLEASE do me the favor of pointing it out with any justification you may have. I am not perfect and, with the amount of information that will be on this site, I will not kid myself into thinking that this will never happen. You will benefit from this as well because it is also important that YOU learn how to vet information so that you can become more educated in the subject at hand and know how the main players in the issue communicate their agendas.

Again, welcome to the site! I hope that you find it informative and thought-provoking, but, more importantly, I hope that it helps you find a cause that you can Think For Yourself, use your True Voice, and take action on behalf of yourself and your Fellow Common Citizens.

In Liberty,